Ishura – Shin Maou Sensou
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Type Manga

Ishura – Shin Maou Sensou

Alternative Titles Ishura - The New Demon King War, Ishura - Tân Ma Vương Đại Chiến, Ishura -Shin Maou Sensou-, Исура: Война нового короля демонов, 異修羅 ー新魔王戦争ー, 異修羅 新魔王戦争

Synopsis Ishura – Shin Maou Sensou

The world after the Demon King was killed. There remained Shura and others who could kill even the Demon King. A swordsman from another world who finds out how to kill the opponent at a glance, a spear soldier of God speed who leaves even the sound behind, an adventurer of a bird dragon who handles legendary weapons with three arms at the same time, an omnipotent lyrics that realizes everything in one word A surgeon, an assassin of an angel who controls instant death while being unknown … Shura and his friends, who have reached the pinnacle of all kinds of races and abilities, seek further powerful enemies and the glory of “real heroes”, creating a new source of struggle. All are the strongest, all are heroes, and only one is a hero. The fierce battle to decide the “genuine” is about to begin.

Released 2021
Author Keiso
Artist Meguri [Add, ]
Serialization Gekkan Shounen Magazine (Kodansha)
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Chapter Ishura – Shin Maou Sensou